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Training Programs

Cardio Strength

Elevate heart rate with dynamic exercises.

Weight Lifting

Build strength through resistance training.

Body Balance

Enhance stability and coordination.

Muscle Stretching

Improve flexibility and prevent injury.

Yoga Classes

Cultivate mindfulness and physical well-being.


Dance-based fitness for fun and calorie burn

Cross Fit

High-intensity workout regimen, best in Jaipur.


Use bodyweight for strength and endurance.

Personal Training

Tailored coaching for individual fitness goals.

Power Lifting

Focus on maximal strength and explosive power.

Aerobic Dance

Dynamic routines for cardiovascular health.

Meditation & Healing

Center the mind and promote inner balance.

ABS Training

Target core muscles for a sculpted midsection.


Nutritional guidance for optimal health.

BCA Assessment

Body Composition Analysis with in body 570

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Abhinav Sharma
Abhinav Sharma
Best gym In Jhotwara
Harshita Gujar
Harshita Gujar
Best female trainer of this area"Divya Mam".She helped me in my weight loss journey from 53 to 48 within a month.
Urvashi Nirwan
Urvashi Nirwan
Highly recommended…. So far the best gym with conducive atmosphere and supportive training staff.
Vineet Mattu
Vineet Mattu
Gym has very nice equipment and advance machines. Also the atmosphere is also very motivated and healthier and trainers are very well behaving and expert .overall gym is luxurious and best gym in Jhotwara.
Niharika Singh
Niharika Singh
Best trainer in gym and many facility given by the gym
anurag haritwal
anurag haritwal
Very Very Good Atmosphere all Equipments are in Good Condition. Trainners are very supported helpful and friendly necher.😍😎💪🏋🏿‍♀️
Garvesh Pancholi
Garvesh Pancholi
Very nice gym assured fit jhotwara jaipur
assuredfit gym very nice 👍
Netik Sharma
Netik Sharma
Your aur best gym jhotwara
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