Elevate Your Fitness Experience at AssureFit

World-Class Premium Amenities

Workout Plan

Tailored exercise routines to meet individual fitness goals and needs.

Diet Plan

Customized nutrition plans to complement your fitness regimen effectively.

Certified Trainer

Professional guidance from certified trainers for optimal fitness results.

Personal Fitness

One-on-one sessions with a trainer for personalized workout experiences.

Fat Loss Training

Specialized programs focused on reducing body fat efficiently and safely.

Muscle Gain

Targeted exercises and plans for effective muscle building and strength.


Workouts designed to enhance everyday movement and build core strength.


Programs designed to improve stamina and cardiovascular health efficiently.

Power Lifting

Intense training focused on maximum strength and lifting capacity.

Cardio, Aerobic

Heart-pumping activities to boost cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

Big Zumba Room

Spacious area for lively and energetic Zumba dance classes and sessions.

Crossfit Zone

Dedicated space for high-intensity Crossfit workouts and training routines.

Group Training

Engaging fitness classes for social and motivational workout experiences.

Neat and Clean

Well-maintained and hygienic workout environment for all gym members.

Locker and CCTV

Secure storage facilities with surveillance for member safety and security.

Lift system

Convenient access to all gym floors via a fast and efficient lift system.

Alkaline Water

Provision of top-quality alkaline water to stay hydrated and healthy.

Big Parking Area

Ample and secure parking space with security personnel for safety with security Guard.

Changing Room

Separate, private changing rooms for male and female gym members.

Safe Environment

Dedicated measures to ensure a secure and clean space for female members.

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